Booking Conditions of the Hotel Bon Repòs


 This document regulates the GENERAL CONTRACTING TERMS or CONDITIONS for the online booking services of FREIXINAL, S.L., with registered office at Carrer Vallderoure 17-23 08370 Calella, Barcelona and registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, Tomo 24417 , Folio 83 , Full b72716, Registration 10. The Terms "You" and "User" are used herein to refer to all individuals and/or entities who for any reason access or use the services. The use of these services will imply full and unreserved acceptance, as well as the validity of each and every one of the Terms and/or General Conditions - which will be considered automatically incorporated into the contract signed with FREIXINAL SA, without the need for its written transcript, collected in the last updated version of these Terms and/or General Conditions. That he is a person with sufficient capacity to contract and that he assumes all the obligations set forth herein


USE OF THE ONLINE RESERVATION SERVICES OF HOTEL BON REPÒS PRE-RESERVATION SERVICES The online Pre-Reservation services are merely informative, and have the sole purpose of offering the user the possibility of checking room availability in a hotel or city of your preference. WITHIN 24H the user will receive an email confirming whether their reservation has been made, so they will only be binding once accepted by FREIXINAL SA through the confirmation of reservation by email and payment of the same by the user. The user must verify the confirmation of the reservation and notify FREIXINAL SA, immediately, in writing, of any error. SA, without its written transcription being necessary, collected in the last updated version of these General Terms and/or Conditions. That he is a person with sufficient capacity to contract and that he assumes all the obligations set forth herein. The purpose of the Reserva online services is to reserve a room at the Bon Repòs hotel.

The use of these services will imply full and unreserved acceptance, as well as the validity of each and every one of the Terms and/or General Conditions - which will be considered automatically incorporated into the contract signed with FREIXINAL SA, without the need for its written transcription in the same - included in the last updated version of these Terms and/or General Conditions.


When using the service, the user will receive a confirmation email which will include the confirmation that your purchase order is in the confirmation process. If the card is not valid, we will send an email requesting card information, you will have 24 hours to send the correct card information and if you do not respond, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.


If you do not show up at the hotel without prior notice, 100% of the stay will be charged as a NO SHOW (VAT and fees included).



 The cancellation policy will depend on the booked rate. In the case of the NON-REFUNDABLE rate, the cancellation of the reservation will involve the collection of 100% of the reservation as it is a rate contracted with the condition of NON-REFUND

 General cancellation conditions FLEXIBLE rate.

 It can be canceled free of charge up to 3 days before arrival at the hotel. The amount of the first night will be paid 2 days before arrival at the hotel through the link that the client will receive in your email. Cancellation 0 - 2 days before: charge of 1 night

 NO SHOW: payment 100% reservation (VAT and fees included). This clause is not valid for bookings made with special rates. In this case, the conditions established for each rate must apply.

 MINORS' POLICY Minors under 18 must stay at the Hotel accompanied by parents, guardians or adults duly authorized by them. Hotel staff may require relevant documentation identifying adults as parents/guardians or authorized persons.


PRICES PER ROOM AND NIGHT Prices are only valid in writing and for the period indicated. When there are justifiable reasons, FREIXINAL SA will reserve the right to modify these rates without prior notice. The prices relating to the reservation will be indicated to you during the booking process.

 Obvious mistakes and errors are not linked For example, a night in a room that was mistakenly offered for €1, we can simply cancel the Booking and refund any amount you have paid.

The aforementioned local taxes must be paid directly to the hotel. Prices displayed at the time of booking include VAT (or the equivalent tax) at the applicable tax rate at the time. In the event that the tax rate changes between the date of the reservation and the date of delivery of the services, generating a disparity, in accordance with the tax regulations, the tax rate that will be applied to the final price will be the one that corresponds to the time of delivery of the services or the accumulation of the tax, even if this causes an increase in relation to the final price indicated to the customer during the reservation.


RESERVATION REGULATIONS The user undertakes to register on the day of arrival at your establishment in accordance with the requirements established by current regulations, to comply with safety, coexistence and hygiene standards as provided by the Management of the establishment, to respect the facilities and equipment and pay the contracted services invoiced to the establishment on the day of arrival, as well as the provisions of the establishment's Internal Regulations. Consequently, you are obliged not to use the services, with illicit purposes or effects and/or contrary to those established in these Terms and/or General Contracting Conditions, harmful to the rights and/or interests of third parties or which, in any way , may damage the services, FREIXINAL SA and/or its image. FREIXINAL SA may, for the sake of agility and for the benefit of users, modify unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice, the services provided, or the conditions of operation, techniques and use of the services. In the same way, users, in order to improve the service and establish an optimal level of quality, a priority objective of FREIXINAL SA, will be able to suggest those modifications that they consider useful, by contacting those responsible for the page through the email address:


EXCLUSION OF WARRANTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY FREIXINAL SA does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the services made available to the user, so it excludes any responsibility for damages and/or damages that may be due to the lack of availability, reliability or continuity of its website or its services, although it will try to facilitate, to the extent of its possibilities, technical help to the affected person, as well as try to immediately restore the interruption, making available to them, to the extent of its possibilities, alternative media. FREIXINAL SA does not undertake to control and does not control in advance, the absence of viruses or elements in the contents, which may cause alterations to the software or hardware of users or people who visit the pages, so it will not be responsible for damages of any nature that could arise from it. IF FREIXINAL SA, despite acting with due foresight and diligence, could not provide the contracted rooms for reasons beyond their control and if there was an impossibility to provide the services under the agreed conditions, FREIXINAL SA will offer the user the possibility of opt for a full refund of the subscriber or to replace it with another of similar characteristics in terms of category or quality. If the replacement service results in a lower category or quality, FREIXINAL SA must refund the difference.


SAFEGUARD OF THE TERMS AND/OR GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTING If one of the stipulations of the present terms and/or general conditions of contracting were declared null or inoperative, the rest of the general terms or conditions will remain in the agreed terms. FREIXINAL SA undertakes to replace the stipulation affected by the nullity as close as possible to the intention initially pursued by the parties. No stipulation in this contract will in any way affect the mandatory consumer provisions. If you are not a consumer, you expressly waive your right of withdrawal.

 CORRECT USE OF THE CONTENTS OF THE WEB SITE BY THE USER HOTEL BON REPOS declares that the industrial property rights (Trademarks, Trade Names, etc.) that appear on this Web Site are its property and/or are legitimately exploited in by virtue of agreements or licenses, being duly protected by the existing Regulations on Industrial Property. The User undertakes to use the Website in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, undertakes to refrain from: Deleting, circumventing or manipulating the copyright, trademarks and other identifying data of the rights of HOTEL BON REPOS or its owners incorporated into the contents and/or products marketed from the HOTEL BON REPOS website, as well as the technical protection devices, digital prints or any information mechanisms that could contain them. Use the contents and, in particular, the information of HOTEL BON REPÔS obtained through its website to send pub

advertising, communications for direct sales purposes or for any other type of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages addressed to a plurality of people. Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication, transform or modify the contents, unless authorized by the holder of the corresponding rights or legally permitted. In general, use the contents in a way, with purposes or effects contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good customs or public order. HOTEL BON REPOS does not grant any license or authorization of any kind on its industrial and intellectual property rights or on any other property or right related to its website. Procedure in case of violation of intellectual property rights. In the event that any User or a third party considers that any of the content has been introduced on their website in violation of their intellectual property rights, they must send a notification to FREIXINAL SA with a complete and precise indication of their data and the allegedly infringed intellectual property rights as well as the Website.

 ACCEPTANCE OF RULES OF USE The user is aware that the use of pre-booking and online reservation services implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each of the clauses included in the rules of use of www.hotelbonrepos. net , in the version published at the very moment when the user contracts the service. These terms of use supplement these general terms or conditions in all that they do not conflict with. For this reason, the user must be aware of the importance of consulting the rules on this page, prior to accessing and/or using the services. The user/customer can send any type of claim through the form located here: RIGHT TO MODIFY THE TERMS AND/OR GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTACIÓN FREIXINAL SA reserves the right to modify these Terms and/or Conditions General contracting, informing users of the modifications made through


APPLICABLE LAW AND COMPETENT JURISDICTION These terms and/or general contracting conditions are governed by Spanish law. FREIXINAL SA and the users, for the resolution of any dispute that may arise, regarding its validity, execution, compliance or resolution, total or partial, submit, with express waiver, to their own jurisdiction or to any other that, if applicable, it could correspond to them, under the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the CCAA. This contract constitutes the full and complete expression of the agreement between FREIXINAL SA and the user, and replaces all previous pacts, commitments, statements or agreements, both written and oral, that previously existed between the two. In all cases, any dispute arising from the provision of services at the hotel where the customer is staying will be submitted to the consumer courts.

Last update April 30, 2019

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